Scared to Death

Laura changed my life. I was scared to death speaking at a conference for the first time! But Laura gave me the confidence I needed to empower my voice and share my story. The result was so much more than expected. My story grabbed everyone’s heart in the room.

Dr. Megumi Okugiri
Professor of Linguistics, Tokyo, Japan

Love from the Universe

“Laura is like a channel that is directly spreading love from the universe.”

Vladimir Mladjenovic
CEO, Tomorrow People Organization

Captivating and Present

“Laura is the embodiment of her message on story. She is able to be both captivating and present as she is pulling her audience in to become an active part of the process. I would highly recommend bringing Laura in as a speaker to your organization or group to dive deeper into the power of story and connection.”

Stephanie Beeby
Founder, In Flow CEO Consulting

Confidence in speaking has been transformed

"Working with Laura has been a game changer. My confidence in speaking and presenting has been transformed. She helped me create the story of why I do what I do, and sharing that was an experience I will never forget.  A picture is worth a thousand words but a story will live on for generations.”

Delsa Bertelmann
Financial Consultant

Biggest Applause Ever

"Wow. Amazing results. After my speaking and storytelling coaching with Laura I gave the best talk ever. I was deeply connected with the audience and it was the biggest applause I’ve ever received. Now no matter what I do, whether I continue to be a realtor, run for office, or become a CEO - I will have the tools that will help me be a more powerfully persuasive storyteller and help even more people.”

Minoo Elison

Inspiration, Confidence and Clarity

"After working with Laura I had the inspiration, confidence, and clarity to tell my story. I started writing a book a few years ago and for whatever reason put it on hold. After only two sessions, Laura unlocked something inside of me that said 'You have a story that needs to be shared, tell it.' Thanks to Laura I have a new mantra that I cannot wait to see fulfilled: 'I am a published author and international speaker.”

Chelsea Moriss
Owner, Waimea Yoga

Most Important Presentation of the Conference

"I had the pleasure of hearing Laura speak on Storytelling at the Women in Leadership Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. I found this session to be the most enjoyable and most important presentation of the entire conference! As an academic and researcher, I am often called upon to present my findings or engage an audience on a particular issue. Laura gave me the tools to grab their attention and hold it through storytelling. I learned to be authentic and that it is OK to be vulnerable. I now understand the value of creating tension, building momentum, and ultimately, ending in transformation - this advice was life-changing. I now feel confident in bringing the listener on my journey, introducing my subject matter, and holding the attention of the audience thanks to Laura and my new-found skill set - Storytelling.”

Lisa Morgan
Global Health Project Manager

Repeatedly moved to tears

"Laura has a gift for providing a safe and comfortable yet energizing environment that inspires her students to really go deep and bring forth genuine, moving, heartfelt stories.  Members of our class were repeatedly moved to tears listening to our fellow students share stories in the way Laura has taught. I would strongly recommend Laura’s class to anyone who either wants to use their story to build their brand, or to simply preserve their stories for the next generation.”

Jim Hood
Career Coach - Test Drive Your Future

An authentic story to showcase on my website!

"It was as if Laura pulled my story from my heart and soul! I now have a beautiful, authentic story that I will showcase on my website and tell during presentations. Working with Laura was joyful, results-driven and transformative.

Chikako Hoshino-Powers
Avery Method Chief Life Advisor

Delivered an inspiring eulogy

"I met with Laura for help with how to tell my grandmother’s story.  As the oldest grandchild I was honored to give her eulogy.  I’ve endured many hardships throughout my life and now in one of my greatest moments, I knew this would be one of the hardest.  After an hour with Laura I was at ease, empowered, and I was able to put my thoughts together to make the impact I want to leave everyone with whom comes to celebrate grandmother’s life.  I need them to know how selfless and incredible she was. After working with Laura I was empowered and unafraid to deliver a story to truly honor my grandma.  Thank you Laura, you are as beautiful inside and out as a Disney princess and yet sweet as the fairy godmother, right out of a storybook.”

Christie Mitsumura

Grabbed your attention

"Our deadline was looming and Laura quickly understood what we needed. More importantly, she wrote what we hoped to convey in a fresh and engaging way.  It just grabbed your attention and you wanted to continue reading to the end.  We definitely will use Laura for more of our editorial writing!”

Susan Moss
ASID, Trans-Pacific Design

Much more confident in myself as a speaker

"Working with Laura was a great experience! Not only did she help me to craft my unique story, but she helped to uncover things that were holding me back from sharing it. It was like having two coaches in one - a life coach and a public speaking coach! She has such a kind, open heart that lends itself to really connecting with her clients on a deeper level. I feel much more confident in myself as a speaker after working with her.”

Dr. Kate Gentile
Atlas Specific Spine Center

An absolute guiding angel

"Laura is an absolute guiding angel. What I have learned in my time spent with her has been extremely valuable and I now feel confident in delivering a powerful, inspiring and authentic story at my upcoming event!”

Makela M. Bruno-Kidani
LMFTAdmissions Director