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My new book, "The Public Speaking Horror Show: 7 Secrets to Kill It as a Speaker" is coming in Spring 2023. Be the first to know when it drops!

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Be the confident, captivating and creative speaker of your dreams.

Public speaking can be a nightmare, yet it remains the most powerful, authentic and effective way to make an impact, yet it remains one of our biggest fears. This book is for aspiring speakers who want to overcome their fear and captivate any audience - virtual or live. Much has changed in our world over the pandemic, but one thing is certain - the need to connect and inspire has never been greater. This book will provide reader with the tools they need to gain the courage to find their most authentic voice, tell stories and be an unforgettable speaker. Packed with game-changing techniques, tips and inspiration and sprinkled with haiku and thoughtful activities, readers of The Public Speaking Horror Show will be delighted to find that speaking doesn’t have to be so scary.