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Laura Reid

The Speech Slayer

Do you believe in ghosts?

One night, around 2am, when I was six, I awoke to the sound of the radiator in my bedroom clanking, as if the temperature had suddenly dropped.

I turned over in bed and saw a girl standing there, staring at me. Her eyes were like a dead fish. Murky, watercolor eyes. My body froze; my heart boomed in my ears.

Then I had the most terrifying realization - this is not a dream.

The only movement I dared was to blink… she was still there. Then she began to sing. Her song was only one word. She repeated the word over and over as she walked alongside my bed, “Laura… Laura.”

Even though it’s been decades, that night still haunts me.


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Clients who SLAYED

Matthew Holmes

Head of Marketing, Ahualoa Farms

"Working with Laura was an amazing experience. As a marketing pro, I know that attention spans are at an all time low, and being able to tell your story in an authentic way is critical to draw people in and get them interested in you."

Dr. Megumi Okugiri

Professor of Linguistics, Tokyo, Japan

“Laura changed my life. I was scared to death speaking at a conference for the first time! But Laura gave me the confidence I needed to empower my voice and share my story.”

Susan Moss

ASID, Trans-Pacific Design

"Our deadline was looming and Laura quickly understood what we needed. More importantly, she wrote what we hoped to convey in a fresh and engaging way. It just grabbed your attention and you wanted to continue reading to the end."

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